Hi, my name is Mati Tucci
  • Web & Mobile Developer

Some Projects

Find Earth

SSR Nuxt.js + Node.js + React Native

Open source platform to help non-profit organizations trace missing persons.


Electron + Vue.js

App that allows you to download subtitles in a very fast and simple way.

Emoji domain


Find available emoji domains to register and start using them.


Ionic + Node.js

nana is a game for those Sudoku and 2048 lovers.

Web Lightsaber

Ionic + Node.js + Socket.IO + CSS3

Play with a lightsaber using web technologies and your smartphone.

Ionic Chat

Ionic + Node.js + Socket.IO

A simple ionic and Socket.IO ready-to-use chat client app.


Vue.js + D3 + Node.js + Socket.io

Simple web application that monitors load average on your machine.


Electron + React

I contributed implementing the auto updates system. Find me in the credits :)


Ionic + Node.js + Socket.IO + MongoDB

Platform to collect real-time data for the recovery and development of hard hit areas.

Now purge


Clean your deployments by removing the ones without an alias.

Frio Cero

Ionic + Firebase

App to help people who live on the streets of Argentina.

Ionic OCR


Ionic OCR starter. Scan text in any document using your phone's camera.

Auto Updater Starter

Electron + Vanilla JS

Minimal Electron app with auto updates implemented.

More projects

You can find more of my projects on my GitHub profile.

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